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You could already have foundation problems and not even be aware. Here are some warning signs for Foundation Problems:

1. Fractured Brick11401360_633287063468948_6941463674140331820_n

Cracks in brick cladding may indicate a sunken footing. Look for “stair stepping” cracks near window and doorways, running vertically or diagonally near the ground and foundation corners.

2. Cracks in Interior/Exterior Concreteuneven floors

Uneven, sunken concrete slab, garage slab, separation of concrete slab, steps, patio or sidewalks all may be signs of volatile soil or settlement and should be repaired before becoming hazardous. This may also cause moisture intrusion – leading to rotting thresholds, mold and poor indoor air quality.

3. Malfunctioning Doors or Windows

Doors or windows that stick may indicate the warping or distortion of your home’s frame due to foundation failure and moisture intrusion.

4. Cracked Interior Walls

Warning Signs for Foundation Problems
Warning Signs for Foundation Problems

Vertical cracks in interior sheetrock or plaster, as well as displaced molding or wood trim may indicate a sinking foundation caused by soil bearing failure. Look for these signs around windows, wall openings and interior corners.

5. Creaky/Bouncing Floor

Do certain areas of your floor creak? Does the china cabinet rattle? These are signs that your home’s framing may be warped

Warning Signs for Foundation Problems

by a shifting foundation or water damage, or may indicate the need for added structural supports. After all that rain some doors and windows have become harder to open and shut. We invite you to give us a call and take advantage of our Free Inspection Special.